Remote connectivity shouldn’t be a problem. Introducing your solution, us.

As the need for remote connectivity increases in today’s ever-more-virtual world, Hyperion is leading in that space. We’re leading because we have a diverse portfolio of proven, value-driven solutions and more than 400 years of telecommunication experience. We‘ve seen a lot of problems and fixed a lot of problems. This situation is no different.

Now, more than ever, a reliable and secure internet source is key for success. Some of our solutions include: hotspots, routers and LTE-enabled Chromebooks – all of which use cellular data to ensure constant connectivity. We source, customize, activate, secure, kit and ship all solutions from our 32,000-square-foot warehouse. And our logistics capabilities make us unique in that we’re able to manage your solution from start to finish. 

Something to consider if your business is still using an on-premise phone system is transitioning to the cloud to enable people to work-from-home. We offer unified communications as a service solution. It’s main goal? To keep your business and projects progressing. It allows work to continue seamlessly by using audio, web or video conferencing and chat from any device – no matter where you are.

Contact us today. We’re confident we have the right solution at the right price. 

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