About Us

About Us

Hyperion Partners’ mission is to provide our business partners the highest value bundled solutions while optimizing efficiency and reducing overhead costs.

Hyperion Partners Mission Statement

Hyperion Partners was founded in 2012 by a team of executives with experience across many business functions in the wireless industry. Hyperion is a full-service business development and technology consulting firm, specializing in mobility. We invest back into our business to provide the lowest cost solutions to our customers. Our focus is in adding value while introducing disruptive offers to our business customers. Hyperion has exclusive access to several hardware and software providers that make our bundles more attractive. We act as a consultant to our customers and partners to ensure our customer is getting the most practical, affordable, and complete solution possible.

Our innovative approach to sourcing, kitting, and staging has separated us from other technology companies. Our logistics planning was designed around the gaps in the wireless industry. Hyperion Partners has a nationwide footprint in businesses of all sizes and segments. We offer dedicated care and technical support through the ordering, activation, and implementation processes. Our team’s 215+ years of industry experience allows for a personal and knowledgeable solution consultation and execution.