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The world is dealing with COVID-19 uniquely, but the most common initiatives include quarantines, travel bans and social distancing. Non-essential businesses are shutting down or continue working from home; schools and universities are going virtual, and medical employees are standing on the front lines. 

Vertical Market  

Public Sector, Non-Profit, Healthcare, SMB, Enterprise 


To avoid greater economical and medical impact, cities and businesses need efficient, easy-to-deploy drive-through testing solutions that include reliable connectivity, efficient data organization and secure data transportation. These solutions must be quick to implement. 

Hyperion Solution  

  • Source a highly secure and reliable cellular router 
  • Provide Internet connectivity through 4G LTE 
  • Use Dual-Band Wi-Fi (2.4 & 5Ghz) for registering patient details 
  • Source a failover solution 
  • Install multiple VPN options and firewalls for security 
  • Select a remote monitoring system 


Amid a worldwide pandemic, cities and businesses now have drive through testing connectivity that is fast to deploy, on a reliable network, with remote set up and management options and secure data organization.  

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