Peplink Max BR1 Mini

The Download | Episode #1 | Peplink Max BR1 Mini LTE Advanced

Closed Captions

Welcome to the first installment of "The Download," a series of short videos that highlight our best solutions. Wanna know why my hand is under the table? Introducing: the Peplink Max BR1 Mini LTE Advanced. Whether you're buying or selling a solution, the BR1 Mini is a fantastic product for you. Wanna know why? Okay, Okay! I'll tell you. The BR1 Mini can be used for tons of things: fleet management, construction, public safety, healthcare, digital signage, point of sale, kiosk, vending machines, failover and VOIP just to name a few. The BR1 Mini is a great value. Another router with similar capabilities can be double, or even triple the cost. You can get the BR1 Mini for a fraction of the cost of other routers in the same category. I mean, do you know how expensive internet outages are? On average, businesses lose around $5,600 every minute of down time. Every MINUTE. That's like, $5 million dollars for 5 minutes (*math is hard). It's insane. The BR1 Mini ensures the best connectivity all the time as redundant SIM slots come standard on each device. You can utilize the WAN failover add on feature so you can seamlessly failover between wireless and wired networks in case of outages. When the service is restored, it will return to the primary network. The BR1 Mini can be remotely managed, configured and monitored in a single dashboard view via a cloud management platform called InControl 2. Wait. Did I mention it includes 1 year of InControl 2 for free? I mean come ON, who doesn't like free stuff? OH, I have to tell you what comes in the box. The device, the antennas, the power supply and GPS antenna. Everything you need to launch your solution is included. This thing really is the total package.

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