Virtual Learning Technology

Nine million of those students do not have reliable virtual learning technology including internet connectivity. Read how Hyperion helps today.

Virtual learning technology: our all-in-one solution. 


An estimated 50 million students are learning virtually due to COVID-19. Nine million of those students do not have reliable virtual learning technology including internet connectivity*. This issue has substantial short and long-term effects: lower test scores, lower grades and decreased opportunities after graduation. 

Vertical Market

Public sector, traditional schools, non-traditional education, teachers, students 


Source reliable virtual learning technology including hotspots and a protected, high-performance laptop. Install and test technical and security requirements of each school district. Label, kit, package and ship nationwide. 

Hyperion Solution

  • Source laptop devices
  • Enable all-in-one 4G LTE connectivity 
  • Assistance with CIPA-compliance 
  • Customized district asset tag 
  • MAC address/IMEI 
  • Customized logo and pad printing 
  • Customized kitting and shipping  

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*Source: Project 10Million by T-Mobile

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