Hyperion Partners’ new partner, UnidenCellular.

Hyperion Partners Expands Device Offerings
Welcoming UnidenCellular In New Partnership

Hyperion Partners, one of the leading master agents of mobility solutions, is pleased to announce a partnership with UnidenCellular, a global business-to-business vendor of next generation push to talk phones, devices and cellular booster systems.

Uniden’s devices include in-vehicle and rugged smartphones for first responders to instantly communicate over a nationwide cellular network of choice. Additionally, its cellular booster systems amplify cellular signal in remote areas and inside buildings where signals are weak – increasing situational awareness and the ability to save lives.

Kerry McGonigal, Hyperion Partners CEO stated, “There is a growing demand for PoC devices and we are excited to partner with Uniden to help meet that demand for our customers in public safety.”

Due to the partnership, Hyperion added UV350 devices to their portfolio. This specific device is the world’s first dedicated in-vehicle IoT with a push-to-talk cellular function. It features 4G LTE high-speed data, a 5.5” widescreen LED display, a dedicated microphone and speaker and more.

Both companies agree that there is no better time than now to join forces to help keep first-responders able to respond quickly and accurately.

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Hyperion Partners is pleased to announce a partnership with UnidenCellular allowing us to offer push to talk phones, devices and cellular booster systems.