5G Wireless Business Internet (aka Fixed Wireless Access)

Your business internet — untangled.

Our 5G wireless business internet, also known as fixed wireless access, is an innovative and advanced alternative to traditional wireline, designed to provide lightning-fast primary internet, seamless failover, and effortless cloud connectivity. This solution leverages the latest in LTE and 5G cellular networks and is available virtually anywhere you need it.

We are proud to have partnered with the leading original equipment manufacturers to offer 5G wireless business internet technology to a range of industries, including retail, quick service, banking, corporate campuses, remote workforces, rural businesses, traditional offices, smart cities, and home health.

At Hyperion, we understand that every location is unique, and that's why our team is well-equipped with expertise in effective field services management, on-site deployment scheduling, and environmental factor review, including location, structural barriers, and carrier connectivity strength. We are committed to providing the best possible 5G wireless business internet experience to all our clients.

LTE Bands – What are they? Why do they matter?: A band is a range of frequencies within a specific signal. Bands can be described as low, mid and high. As demonstrated above, low-band frequency waves can travel extremely far, while high band frequencies can only reach short, concentrated distances. It is also important to note that while low-band and mid-band frequencies can easily pass through walls and other objects, high bands cannot.

We are committed to delivering exceptional services to our clients. We offer managed mobility services, which include staging and lifecycle management services, remote configuration and monitoring, and critical failover services. Our 5G wireless business internet solution can be bundled with managed mobility services for a comprehensive and seamless experience.

While failover internet may not be necessary, it is highly recommended, as it is critical for avoiding unexpected downtime and keeping businesses running smoothly, especially when dealing with point-of-sale systems, ATMs, digital signage, and kiosks.

Contact us today at Hyperion to take the first step towards leveraging the power of 5G wireless business internet and driving your business forward.

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