Meet Hyperion 360: Our complete device lifecycle solution. Our experience, capabilities and expansive 3PL warehouse empower us to truly do it all.

Meet Hyperion360°:

Our full-service lifecycle solution.

Hyperion360° navigates the lifecycle of your devices from start to finish. Six components ensure peak functionality of our client’s technology investment. The seventh exists to enable our elite partner network to monetize mobility.


We give you what you need AND want by getting to know your business and strategically sourcing a range of top-of-the-line devices and equipment from our well-developed, diverse portfolio. To learn more about our strategic sourcing process,
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With financing options including installment, lease and rent, our multi-lender portfolio and fine-tuned process will give you freedom to make the right decisions for your organization. 


By utilizing our 32,000 square foot warehouse and logistics facility, we quickly fulfill, stage, provision, kit and track orders – no exceptions. Click here to learn more about our 3PL capabilities, and click here to better understand 3PL.


With customizable, modern and streamlined solutions, 
we equip you to secure, deploy and manage mobile applications and corporate data on mobile devices. To learn why you or your company should use mobile device management, click here.


Shield your business from unexpected moments through device coverage for a range of reasons. We cover physical and mechanical failure with no hassle, low deductibles and advanced exchange. To read about the benefits of device protection, click here.


Our unique trade-in/buy-back solutions add value to your device upgrades, improve consumer experience and eliminate waste. Gain access to competitive pricing and quick quotes. To learn about how you can trade-in/sell old phones and devices, click here.

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For our partners, we created MARKET

We simplify telecom, so you can monetize mobility. We will scale your distribution, help you optimize opportunities, foster carrier relationships and so much more.  

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Click the video above for more insight on Hyperion360° as a whole, as well as a breakdown of each component.