What to do with old cell phones

Join Hyperion Director of Sales Dan Ngo to learn what to do with old cell phones you have lying around your home or business. 

With 15+ years of sales experience in a variety of industries, Hyperion Sales Director Dan Ngo knows a thing or two about getting the best bang for your buck. Ngo has been with industry-leading master agent Hyperion Partners since early 2019. He specializes in educating clients about what to do with old cell phones they may have lying around their homes or businesses to ultimately save them time and money. This fulfills Ngo’s passion for developing creative solutions to help customers get the most value out of deals. 

Don't miss out on $$$: Sell old phones quickly 

It is important to realize that each day you or your business leaves old cell phones collecting dust on the shelf, you are losing money. Around 90 percent of the American population has access to a smartphone. With adoption rates like that, technology companies like Apple and Samsung don’t miss a beat when it comes to releasing newer, faster and more attractive technologies. In 2021, Apple averages two iPhone announcements per year. Constant upgrades in an always-changing industry causes the value of cell phones to fluctuate over time.  

If you want to receive the most value you can for those old devices: Don’t wait. Sell old phones, trade in phones for cash or upgrade your devices – and do it today! 

What’s the easiest way to sell old cell phones? 

If you’re only selling one phone, you may be successful listing it online, but only if you know all the specifics of that phone, or the buyer is not interested in the details. Selling even one old phone on your own can be tricky, but when you are a business trying to sell 10’s or 100’s of old cell phones, it’s extremely difficult to know where to start. On top of that, if you or your company is attempting to sell  a niche device that is not of high demand online, it is next to impossible to independently close a deal. This is why device buy back/trade in programs exist.  

Device buy back benefits 

Device buy back programs make it easy to sell any quantity of old cell phones regardless of number of devices for sale, device specifications, previous device carrier, locked/unlocked device settings and more. 

Upgrading mobile devices can be extremely costly; however, businesses that reap the benefits of device buy back experience are able to upgrade personal and work phones at a fraction of the cost by maximizing the potential of their old cell phones. 

Other benefits of device buy back programs include:  

  • Saved time and money 
  • Less employee downtime 
  • Up-to-date technology 
  • Minimized waste 
  • Less headache 
  • Avoid online scams  
  • Possibility of selling locked devices 

How Hyperion Does Device Buy Back Better 

Here at Hyperion, we’ve designed a unique device trade in/buy back program that ensures our customers can sell or trade in their old cell phones with ease and assuredness. Hyperion360° REFRESH gets you the most value for your old phones with little to no work on your end. Don’t let old phones go to waste. Turn old devices into cash with Hyperion360° REFRESH.  

Hyperion360° REFRESH achieves everything listed above +: 

  • Fast quotes 
  • Highest-value offers 
  • Trade in options 
  • Simplified process 
  • FREE return shipping labels 
  • Quick payout 
  • And more 

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