Hyperion360° PROTECT

Shield your business from unexpected moments through device coverage for a range of reasons. We cover physical and mechanical failure with no hassle, low deductibles and advanced exchange.

Cover devices for a range of reasons. With flexible coverage plans that cover physical and mechanical failure, Hyperion360° PROTECT ensures device protection for everything you need and nothing you don’t. Gain peace of mind by using Hyperion360° PROTECT to shield you from unexpected moments.

Diverse Devices

Add protection coverage to both new and pre-owned devices and
receive device coverage for most reasons you can think of.

No Hassle

Our customer experience makes it easy to enroll and keeps your
workforce on track in the event that a device is damaged or fails.

Strong Protection Plans

We offer 1, 2 and 3-year protection plans.

Low Deductibles

Our low or no deductibles make it possible for you to
maximize your claims and trust your coverage.

Advanced Exchange

Gain access to a domestic call center, next-business-day replacement
shipping, 2-day arrival to the end user or administrator post shipping
and pre-paid damaged device returns.