Is device protection worth it?

Join VP Portfolio Strategy Leo Zeltser in discussing the benefits of SMB and Enterprise device protection. 

With over 20 years of industry experience, Hyperion Vice President, Portfolio Strategy Leo Zeltser can testify that investing in good device protection greatly benefits companies of all sizes. Zeltser has worked closely with end users and sellers alike and knows what works and what doesn’t from both sides of the device protection business. His cumulative experience led him to design the perfect device protection solution: Hyperion360° PROTECT.  

Want to know how device protection can improve your business? Keep reading. 

What is device protection? 

Device protection is exactly what it sounds like: a paid, insurance-backed service that provides device replacement upon incident.  

From a business-owner standpoint, purchasing a device protection plan for employee devices including work phones, tablets and more is a no brainer. If “Is device protection worth it?” is the question you are asking; first, consider the time and money this crucial investment will save you down the road. Between the cost of all devices your business owns and the inevitable loss of productivity when someone damages a device without protection, purchasing a device protection plan becomes a necessary component of operating mobile equipment in a business environment. 

Three questions to ask when selecting a device protection plan:  

If you’re looking to select a plan on your own. Use these three questions throughout your research process.  

  1. What types of devices do I need protection for?  
  1. How many years do they need to be protected?  
  1. What is the deductible on the plan, and does it fit my needs? 

Choosing device protection for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) 

Human error isn’t anything new. If you own a business, you’ve likely already had several mistakes happen when technology is accidentally damaged. The question isn’t if a mishap will occur, but when? This isn’t meant to stress you out, but to simply make you aware that you can (and should) prepare.  

When helping SMBs select the right device protection plan for them, I commonly come across one of two points of contention:  

  1. We can’t afford device protection. 

I hear, “I know we need it, but our SMB is on a budget, so we can’t afford good device protection right now.” Before making this decision, tally up the cost of replacing phone after phone on your own. Device protection quickly becomes the most affordable option. Hyperion’s low-deductible PROTECT options are tailored to this exact scenario! 

  1. We don’t know where to start. 

The SMB device protection market is highly saturated, and all of the options can become overwhelming. Not only that, but there is a lot of red tape in contracts to sort through. Don’t do it alone. If you’re looking for help in this department, contact Hyperion to get started. 

Meeting enterprise device protection needs 

Selecting a device protection plan for an enterprise is no small task. From large deployments to industry-specific devices, there are many factors to consider. This is why selecting a no-deductible style plan is so important; however, there are very few no deductible device protection plans on the market. Don’t settle for a mediocre enterprise device protection plan. To learn about the plan I designed specifically for enterprise, 
contact Hyperion today.  

The device protection solution you’ve been searching for: Hyperion360° PROTECT 

As you are researching device protection plans and navigating complicated industry jargon, the no-brainer decision that device protection started as can become hazy: That’s where Hyperion360° PROTECT comes in. With the ability to propose new devices that aren’t on our pre-approved list, advanced exchange programs, pricing plans based on device tier and Hyperion360° FINANCE options available, PROTECT creates plans that cover everything you need and nothing that you don’t. 

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