Why use mobile device management?

Join Hyperion Director of Program Management Vicki Hawkins in discussing how mobile device management can benefit your business. 

Mobile device management (MDM) expert Vicki Hawkins has been helping businesses gain increased access to company devices for over eight years. With over 24 years in the telecommunications industry, Hawkins has guided hundreds of companies to solutions that fit each of their needs and wants. After working in the realm of account/project management including deployments with provisioning, staging and kitting, MDM was the next natural step in her career. 

What is mobile device management (MDM)?  

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a type of application that allows the administration or IT department at a business, school or organization to have more control of devices they have purchased and deployed. You can learn more about our definition of MDM here. 

How does MDM work? 

MDM applications can be as limited or flexible as the user requires them to function. Mobile device management gives businesses comprehensive access to everything from device content to backend settings based on their unique needs. Certain MDMs allow the company to ship end users (most times, employees in the field) ready-to-use devices for an exceptional out-of-the-box experience. 

What does mobile device management do? 

Businesses achieve many financial, safety and efficiency benefits when they invest in mobile device management. On the financial side of things, MDMs can be a cost-effective solution or assisting solution for asset protection. When an MDM-controlled device is lost, stolen or misplaced, the management application is able to disable the device and protect any data that may have become vulnerable. If a company is dispatching employees to multiple locations, a geofencing function allows them to increase the safety of each dispatched employee. MDM’s can also largely increase the efficiency of organizations through quick application deployment. With access to change the content on any remotely connected device, MDMs remove the barrier of changing existing tools. 

Why do I need mobile device management? 

Companies like yours usually choose mobile device management solutions for one or both of the following reasons: 

  1. Minimizing liability 

Several organizations assume certain liabilities when they deploy devices to internal users. A good example of this is when educational institutions lease devices to students. If a student misuses a device, but the institution did not take necessary precautions to prevent them from doing so, the organization could be held responsible. By utilizing an MDM application, organizations can safely minimize risks like these.  

  1. Equipping employees 

With the ability to preload and preconfigure devices  for employee use, IT departments are able to choose the best tools for their employees without concern of how they will implement the changes. This also allows employees to continue doing their job without taking up their valuable time setting up or troubleshooting devices.  

How Hyperion does it better. 

In order to source the right mobile device management tools for each of our clients, we created Hyperion360° MANAGE. Our consultative approach allows clients to get the best solution without breaking their budget. We sit down with each client, develop a list of their needs and then select one of our diverse MDM providers to satisfy those needs. If our MDM portfolio doesn’t have the right solution for you yet, MANAGE gives us the resources to find it! Leverage Hyperion’s experienced MDM team for best practices when creating your unique deployment plan.  Once you’ve chosen the mobile device management solution for your business, we will create an exceptional out-of-box experience for your end users while enforcing security requirements. This means when your end users receive their device, it is already configured and ready to use. This key differentiator saves your business time and money in the long run.  

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