3PL Definition

What is 3PL (third-party logistics) and why do I need it? 

If you’re looking for a way to outsource the deployment functions of your business, you’re on the hunt for 3PL, or third-party logistics. 3PL is a term thrown around in the telecom’s world often. You may hear TPL, third-party logistics or even warehousing, logistics, fulfillment, deployment or distribution in its place.  

3PL services are everything involved in warehousing a device, solution or product. 3PL is key in the telecommunications industry because of its fast-paced, always-changing nature. A good 3PL provider is able to fulfill orders of all sizes quickly and completely without error. There are three main factors that will step up any 3PL provider’s game:  

Large Warehouse

An expansive place to store, process and assess equipment/products is essential to having the capacity to push large orders through the supply chain. To learn more about what a great 3PL facility looks like click here.  

Efficient Workforce:  

Without dedicated hands to complete each step of 3PL services, a 3PL provider cannot succeed. Having more hands-on-deck is helpful, but employing quality, hard-working warehouse employees is game-changing. Gaining access to flex employees who can step in at a moment's notice is a major bonus. 

Impactful Relationships:  

Building trusted relationships in any aspect of business is important, but when it comes to successful 3PL, relationships are make or break. Developing consistent, positive interactions with major shipping carriers gives 3PL providers a leg up on their competition.  

How Hyperion360° DEPLOY Does It Better 

Hyperion's 3PL solution, Hyperion360° DEPLOY not only checks these boxes but goes above and beyond other 3PL solutions.  

Our 32,000 square foot warehouse and logistics facility meets the needs of the most demanding 3PL requirements. We focus on speed AND condition ensured by quality assurance checks. We are the perfect 3PL solution for small to large shipments and efficient fulfillments.  

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3PL services are everything involved in warehousing a device, solution or product. 3PL is key in the telecom industry. Read more by clicking here.