Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Improved Cost, Reliability, and Easy Deployment


A Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain operating in 330 locations nationwide faced slow deployment times and high costs due to their current wireline connection. The company’s operations were also affected by outages, which created delays in critical operations.


Hyperion aimed to achieve optimal performance by deploying either Cradlepoint E300 or W1850 routers. Close attention was given to field services management, which involved considering location, structural barriers, and carrier connectivity strength. These factors influenced the placement of hardware, including antennas and routers. Additionally, a secondary failover solution was established to enhance reliability. To ensure that the speed and coverage were satisfactory, local testing and Netcloud Manager were utilized.


The FWA solution enhanced connection reliability and efficiency across all locations while reducing network congestion and service outages. It was also cost-effective and quickly implemented, avoiding delays in critical operations despite the challenge of multiple locations. The failover solution implementation eliminated concerns about network downtime and disruptions, resulting in improved productivity and profitability for the company.