Hyperion Offers Ready-to-Sell IoT Solutions

Hyperion Finalizes Agreement with Modas Systems to Offer Extensive IoT Solutions 

LAS VEGAS (Feb. 16, 2021) – Trailblazing mobility master agent, Hyperion Partners, has just finalized its partnership agreement with Modas Systems, a solutions aggregator creating agent and provider of programs for master agents to sell new technologies. 

Modas’ solution Cirrus is known for its innovation in the master agent domain. The company transforms master agent programs with technology solutions to address business needs across multiple industries. With the goal of simplifying IoT for end-users, Cirrus solutions include software, hardware, and connectivity. Modas gives partners direct access to enablement materials like marketing materials, proven sales tools and dedicated support. 

This groundbreaking, IoT partnership, opens doors for all parties involved. Hyperion Partners will now offer an extensive list of Cirrus solutions to its robust client network and Cirrus solutions will reach a much broader audience. Cirrus solutions include temperature monitoring, safety/security, preventive measures, foot traffic monitoring, panic button options, water conservation and push-to-talk. With over 400 different types of sensors available, there are very few metrics that cannot be tracked. 

The solutions have already reached industries including hospitals, hotels and food providers. Through the Modas/Hyperion partnership, Hyperion plans to tap into these and additional, un-reached markets. 

Vice President of Channel Sales Melanie Wilt says, “Hyperion is always looking to offer new, well-developed solutions to our vast client base. We know this partnership will add value to our channel and we are excited to see what Hyperion will accomplish alongside a driven partner like Modas.” 

About Hyperion 
Hyperion is a full-service business development master agent specializing in telecommunications. We focus on adding value for partners and have exclusive access to several disruptive technologies that make our bundled solutions more attractive. Acting as a consultant to our partners and clients, we ensure customers receive the most practical, affordable, and complete solution possible. Hyperion has a wide footprint in businesses of all sizes, offering dedicated care and technical support through the ordering, activation, and implementation processes. To learn more visit hyperionpartners.net

About Modas Systems 
Modas delivers channel enablement solutions for OEMs, Technology & Telecommunication Providers to grow their channel strategy. 

With Modas’ solutions and value-added services, we serve as a Transaction Clearing House for sales tax nexus, state and federal registrations, tax calculation, filing & remittance, and resale exemption management.  Modas’ strives to simplify the channel ecosystem, alleviate the tax and regulatory requirements and allow our partners to focus on accelerating customer acquisition and revenue growth. 

Our solutions address the complex tax and multi-jurisdictional issues that many OEM’s, Technology Providers, and Telecom Providers put on their channel partners. Modas’ solutions make growing your channel revenue easier by offloading the transaction tax burdens. 

Hyperion Partners, has just finalized its partnership agreement with Modas Systems that allows Hyperion to now offer ready-to-sell IoT solutions.