Hyperion and Siyata Launch BlueBird VF550

Hyperion Launches Rugged, PTT Device, BlueBird VF550, in Partnership with Siyata Mobile 

LAS VEGAS (Feb. 5, 2021) – Industry-leading mobility master agent, Hyperion Partners, launched the rugged, push-to-talk (PTT) BlueBird VF550 device today in partnership with Siyata Mobile Inc. (Nasdaq: SYTA, SYTAW) (“Siyata” or the “Company”).  

The BlueBird VF550 is optimal for use in warehouse management, delivery, transportation, logistics, healthcare, hospitality, retail and more. This robust device is now available for use on the second largest wireless carrier in the United States, T-Mobile. T-Mobile for Business houses America’s largest 5G network and offers well-renowned customer support at reasonable prices. 

The device’s push-to-talk mobile handheld scanner with an ergonomic design has a powerful replaceable battery, durability for enterprise-class performance, versatile display, and convenient action buttons along the side. The dual-action side scan triggers coupled with COMFOSCAN, a 30-degree tilted barcode scanner, ultimately work together to reduce work fatigue and help individuals work more comfortably and conveniently. The BlueBird VF550 is also compatible with several usability accessories to further improve versatility. 

By coordinating with leading B2B global vendor of next generation Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PTT) devices and cellular booster systems, Siyata Mobile, and Korean global leader in the mobile scanning market, BlueBird, to launch the BlueBird VF550, Hyperion’s efforts set ground-breaking standards for the telecom industry. According to VDC Research, the global market for barcode scanners is estimated at 11.66 million units valued at approximately USD$1.45 billion, with handheld scanners accounting for 73.8% of the market (USD$1.07 billion). The barcode scanners market is expected to grow at a 6% CAGR (source: Reportlinker.com). The growth expected in the barcode scanner market showcases the true innovation that marks the launch of the long-awaited BlueBird VF550. 

Hyperion's Vice President of Portfolio Leo Zeltser said, “We are proud to partner with Siyata to launch the BlueBird VF550 Rugged, Push-to-Talk (PTT) device. By introducing a device as powerful as this into our diverse portfolio, we expand our ability to serve even wider audiences including delivery, transportation, healthcare and more. Siyata is an experienced global mobility vendor, and we are confident this mutually-beneficial partnership will lead to an effective and prosperous launch for all companies involved.”  

Siyata Mobile CEO Marc Seelenfreund said, “As part of our objective to become a leading provider of Push to Talk enterprise communication solutions, we are very excited to launch the VF550 in partnership with Hyperion. The US logistics market is very large and this is a highly complementary product for our PTT portfolio which we can use as an additional tool for us to grow our North American sales through master distributors and carrier sales forces. I am confident that this new vertical represents a significant opportunity for both Hyperion and Siyata Mobile and we are pleased to be partnering with a master agency of this calibre for a successful roll out.” 

About Hyperion 
Hyperion is a full-service business development master agent specializing in telecommunications. We focus on adding value for partners and have exclusive access to several disruptive technologies that make our bundled solutions more attractive. Acting as a consultant to our partners and clients, we ensure customers receive the most practical, affordable, and complete solution possible. Hyperion has a wide footprint in businesses of all sizes, offering dedicated care and technical support through the ordering, activation, and implementation processes. To learn more visit hyperionpartners.net

About Siyata 
Siyata Mobile Inc. is a B2B global vendor of next generation Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PTT) devices and cellular booster systems. Its portfolio of in-vehicle and rugged smartphones enable first responders and enterprise workers to instantly communicate, over a nationwide cellular network of choice, to improve communication, increase situational awareness and save lives. 

Its portfolio of enterprise cellular booster systems enables first responders and enterprise workers to amplify its cellular signal in remote areas, inside structural buildings where signals are weak and within vehicles for maximum cellular signal strength possible. 

Visit www.siyatamobile.com and http://www.unidencellular.com/ to learn more. 

Mobility master agent, Hyperion Partners, launched the rugged, push-to-talk (PTT) BlueBird VF550 device today in partnership with Siyata Mobile (Siyata).