Inc. 5000 Five Years in a Row 

Hyperion Partners Makes the Inc. 5000 List Five Years in a Row 

LAS VEGAS (August 17, 2022)– Industry-leading mobility primary agent Hyperion Partners today was listed as #3,851 on the list of Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies, making this year the fifth year in a row that the company has received this striking honor. Celebrating its 10th anniversary at the beginning of this year, Hyperion is truly writing a story of excellence, appearing on the Inc. 5000 list for exactly half of the company’s existence.  

The prestigious list has been known to mark successful companies early on in their history– some notable brands include Dell, Under Armour, Yelp and Zillow; however, fewer companies received the honor five times including Vizio, Patagonia and even Microsoft. 

Members of the list are chosen based on growth over a three-year period. In 2017, Hyperion boasted a three-year growth average of 3,049% followed by 2,121% in 2018, 2,720% in 2019 and 2,620% in 2020. This year, the list is based on 2019, 2020 and 2021. At #3,851, Hyperion was selected due to its impressive three-year growth average of over 129%.  

Appearing on the list five or more times (though, not necessarily consecutively) earns any company a spot in the Inc. 5000 honor roll. Less than 10% of Inc. 5000 honorees earn Inc. 5000 Honor Roll status. This year, Hyperion has taken its place among that 10%.  

“The entire Hyperion team works incredibly hard and the numbers put that on display for all to see,” said Chief Revenue Officer John Harris, “We are beyond proud to have made Inc. 5000 five years in a row. It is a giant accomplishment, and we couldn’t have done it without each and every Hyperion stakeholder. At Hyperion, we prioritize employees first followed by infrastructure, systems, processes and so on. We believe we’ve built an incredible engine that will continue its success for many years to come.” 

Hyperion Partners looks forward to the future and is set up for massive success in the coming years. As a private company with $0 in debt, the company predicts it will surpass $100 million in revenue in 2023. 

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