Working with Healthcare in Action

Hyperion Prepares Devices for Healthcare in Action, A Medical Group Serving Unhoused Individuals

LAS VEGAS (June 21, 2022) – Trailblazing mobility master agent Hyperion Partners has begun a long-term project with SCAN Group’s street-based medical group,  Healthcare in Action (HIA), preparing devices to enable HIA’s clinical staff to provide innovative services to unhoused individuals.

Over 550,000 individuals are experiencing homelessness in the U.S. Unfortunately, many people who are homeless need medical treatment and never receive medical care due to barriers like untreated mental health and substance use issues, lack of access to transportation and/or fear of formal medical facilities.

HIA provides long-term, sustainably-funded healthcare and substance use, mental health and wrap-around services to individuals experiencing homelessness through value-based managed care arrangements.

The nonprofit was looking for a way to provide affordable and secure mobile devices to patients who are homeless in order to administer healthcare virtually, maintain communication and treat patients who cannot go to a physical location. Hyperion Partners was able to source 100 ruggedized devices equipped with an MDM to ensure the security of devices and patient data.

Any Healthcare in Action patient can apply for a device. So far, the program has deployed 60 of the 100 devices commissioned to approved patients. The program expects to see increased treatment plan follow-through, patient trust and follow-up opportunities. Healthcare in Action plans to deploy over 500 devices by the end of the year with hopes of expanding outside of L.A. in the future.

In support of Healthcare in Action’s mission, Hyperion team members have gone onsite to assist with the technical rollout of devices and have provided a leveled-up approach to continued technical assistance.

“Healthcare in Action is creating inventive ways to serve its community, paving the way for other organizations to do the same,” Hyperion Director of Sales Anthony Flores said. “As a company that takes pride in innovation, the Hyperion team is happy to play a small part in making this opportunity possible. We hope this solution grows in popularity to provide healthcare for as many individuals experiencing homelessness as possible.”

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