Classroom Technology

Hyperion developed early childhood literacy skills for young students by integrating classroom technology including e-reader tablets and digital books.

Advancing classroom technology in modern programs.  


A client created a literacy program to focus on the development of early childhood literacy skills for kindergarten through first grade students. Classroom technology is crucial for success.

Vertical Market 

Early childhood programs, teachers, school districts 


Provide 21st century classroom technology to literacy program. Integrate e-reader tablets and digital books in the classroom. Source MDM technology to give teachers/program leadership control of devices. 

Hyperion Solution 

  • Fulfill and deploy e-reader tablets 
  • Equip with the organization's perfect-fit MDM solution 


Classroom technology enables at-home reading for families with children. Tablets and services are free of charge to families. Classroom technology is returned to the client’s literacy program at the end of the year. 

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