Construction Equipment

Hyperion has a proven, reliable and well-thought-out process to streamline business with construction-focused telecommunication solutions.

Construction Equipment: Effective telecom solutions that are made as tough as your industry. 


Hyperion has successfully served over 7,500 diverse customers. A large portion of those customers fall within the construction industry. Hyperion has a proven, reliable and well-thought-out process to streamline business with construction-focused telecommunication solutions. 

Vertical Market  

Construction sites, Construction teams 


Supply construction customers in hard-to-reach areas with a custom, complete and successful solution to streamline on-site communications, keep devices safe in the field, provide support through the process and respect their well-defined budget.  

Hyperion Solution  

  • Optimal High-Speed Connectivity (Select routers, hotspots and/or failover) 
  • Source Ruggedized, Reliable Devices (Handsets, tablets, laptops, barcode scanners) 
  • Sensors for Monitoring and Security Purposes 
  • Hyperion360° PROTECT (Flexible device protection plans) 


Hyperion’s tried and true construction solutions include everything our customers need, at a price they can afford. With Hyperion, countless construction teams have improved on-site communications, saved money with durable devices and trust their telecom construction equipment with important tasks every day. 

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