What is CPO? Certified Pre-Owned describes a used device that has undergone rigorous tests and has achieved the standard of a reseller.

What is CPO?  

CPO stands for:  

Certified Pre-Owned 


You may know the term Certified Pre-Owned in the context of used cars, but did you know there are many other CPO objects of value out there?  

In the context of telecommunications, Certified Pre-Owned is an adjective describing a used device that has undergone numerous, rigorous tests and has achieved the high standard of a certain carrier, solution provider or reseller.  

CPO certification takes much more than simply hitting a reset button. Device engineers take pre-owned devices apart and inspect, replace, reassemble and update each one. After this is accomplished, a device becomes certified. 

CPO used in a sentence:  

I saved my company thousands of dollars by purchasing CPO tablets instead of brand new ones – they work great and no one can tell the difference! 

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