Delivery Equipment — Delivery Case Study

Hyperion provides affordable, reliable delivery equipment. These devices have substantial batteries for constant application, navigation and camera usage.

A device that delivers: mobility delivery equipment.  


No one can deny that COVID-19 has exponentially changed consumer habits. Delivery service providers (DSPs) are on the frontlines of social distancing; they have become an essential part of local and nationwide food delivery. Now more than ever, delivery equipment needs to be updated and efficient. 

Vertical Market: 

Nationwide delivery and local food delivery 


Provide rugged, affordable, reliable delivery equipment. Devices need to be equipped with a substantial battery for constant application, navigation and camera usage. Source accessories that boost the expediency and safety of delivery drivers. 

Hyperion Solution

  • Select device with optimal capabilities
  • Ruggedize device by adding scratch and impact resistant tempered glass and military-grade protective case 
  • Car Charger 
  • Load required applications 
  • Staged, kitted and provisioned 
  • Install mobile device management (MDM) software 
  • Car Mount 

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