Home Office Essentials – WFH Case Study

To align with the shift in how companies are doing business, Hyperion will outfit each of your employee’s changing workspace with home office essentials.

Equipping your WFH Space: Proven home office essentials. 


The last year has completely shifted the way companies are doing business. One main change? The rise in “WFH” (Work From Home) employees. Our friends at Deloitte estimate that more than one third of employees will work from home a year from now. In fact, “76% of CEOs indicated that their organizations would need less space moving forward.” That’s a big change. Luckily, Hyperion is here to outfit each of your employees' changing workspace with home office essentials.  

Vertical Market  

Enterprise, WFH Corporations, Remote workers 


Create a streamlined solution for enterprises to choose, afford and deliver home office essentials directly to their work from home employees, without hassle.  

Hyperion Solution  

  • Streamlined device selection (phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) 
  • Optimal High-Speed Connectivity (Select routers, hotspots and/or failover) 
  • Hyperion360° PROTECT (Flexible device protection plans)  
  • Equip with organization's perfect-fit MDM solution 
  • Establish preferred UCaaS set up 
  • Pre-install all software 
  • Customize company-branded cases 
  • Label and directly ship 


Hyperion’s proven home office essentials set remote workers up for success. 
How do we know? Our own Hyperion family uses the exact same solution! We’ve
been working remotely for years, and we know we can help your business
decrease costs by doing the same. 

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