Hospital Technology – Case Study

Hyperion supplies healthcare facilities with ready-to-use, pre-loaded, robust hospital technology. Read more about Hyperion’s hospital technology solution.

Hospital technology: modern and affordable solutions.


The hospital is deploying Epic electronic health record systems and mobilizing all systems. Nurses were taking manual paper logs of temperature to adhere to JCAHO compliance.    

Vertical Market 

Major hospitals, rural hospitals, clinics, healthcare executives 


Supply healthcare facilities with ready-to-use, pre-loaded, robust hospital technology. Devices should be equipped with MDM applications and be in compliance with all data security needs. Deploy solution to replace nurse’s manually taking logs. 

Hyperion Solution 

  • Epic-enabled mobile devices
  • Pre-load critical applications 
  • Configure MDM  
  • Branded cases 
  • Temperature monitoring IoT in a Box solutions  


Hyperion made their system mobilization initiative turn-key resulting in improved efficiency, caretaker satisfaction and patient care. Compliance improved by 10x preventing fines and the hospital saved over $200k in labor cost annually. 

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