Custom Hotspot Software

Hyperion developed a custom, MDM-compatible, robust hotspot software entitled “HeartSpot” to address all client concerns and requirements.

Developing custom hotspot software.  


A company purchased 300 new devices and activated them with a specific carrier. After initial tests, the company discovered bio-sensors (patches) were not staying connected to the handsets’ hotspots. The carrier’s network and engineering departments could not resolve the hotspot issue. Hyperion Partners entered into the equation to engineer a solution to fix the hotspot issue with hotspot software. 

Vertical Market 

Enterprise, Small-to-medium businesses (SMB), Businesses seeking custom hotspot software 


Worked with the company to diagnose the hotspot connection stability problem. Determined issues inherent to the currently-used handsets' firmware and hardware. For over five weeks, developed and tested the software to address all concerns and requirements. Hyperion developed an MDM-compatible, robust hotspot software.

Hyperion Solution 

  • Hotspot enforcement: hotspot automatically turns on for: Bootup, Airplane mode turned off, 2G, 3G, 4G signal detected, User toggles off hotspot manually 
  • Periodic checks: Every few minutes, the hotspot software “pings” bio-sensor patches. If a patch is not detected, the hotspot software detects if there are any hotspot errors, corrects such errors and re-enables the hotspot 
  • Wi-Fi detection: If a technician turns on Wi-Fi on the handset and the Wi-Fi signal is lost, hotspot turns on automatically 
  • Automatic battery-saver mode: Upon bootup and upon disconnection of handset from A/C or USB power, “battery-saver-mode” turns on
  • Compatible with many mobile handsets 


The company deployed 100 new mobile devices with Hyperion’s hotspot software solution. It currently plans to activate 600+ additional handsets with the carrier. 

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