What is MIMO?  

MIMO stands for:  

Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output 


MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple Output) is a wireless technology that utilizes a collection of transmitters and receivers to facilitate simultaneous data movement. 

MIMO is supported by both WiFi standard 802.11n and above and RF Protocol supporting Carrier Aggregation. 

To achieve data transfer, either a mobile device or access point (AP) must support MIMO; however, optimal performance and range are achieved when MIMO is supported by both. It is important to note the use of separate antennas for WiFi and cellular.  

In layman’s terms: MIMO is the concept of adding more antennas per device to transfer more data at once. More data transferred = faster wireless download and upload speeds. 

MIMO used in a sentence:  

Using MIMO, our business has increased our ability to move data more safely and efficiently.  

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