POS Terminal Solution for Vending Machines

Making Vending Payment Easy with Advanced POS Terminals 


Vending machines have grown in popularity over the course of centuries. They save time in fast-paced environments, offer optimal availability (open 24/7) and don’t need much space. To maximize low up-keep costs, vending machine operators need POS (Point of Sale) terminals that are efficient, organized and connected. 

Vertical Market  

Vending Machine Owners/Operators, Commercial Real Estate, Retail 


Consumers in Western countries are becoming “cashless,” and the old coin-operated model is no longer sufficient. Accepting card payments adds a complex layer of security-related maintenance. We need to source POS terminals with minimal firmware updates to ensure top-level safety, with low associated costs. 

Hyperion Solution  

  • Select Ethernet router for connectivity 
  • Integrate with POS system 
  • Select additional gateway if necessary 
  • Pair with remote monitoring system 


With this complete, connected solution, the customer can update thousands of POS terminals simultaneously within minutes from anywhere they are at that moment – saving the customer the cost of the number of vending machines x the hourly rate of an engineer + the fuel consumption required to travel multiple remote locations. 

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