Public Transportation Technology

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Most bus passengers today enjoy high speed public Wi-Fi, pay for tickets online and track bus arrival times using their smartphone. All of this would not be possible without advanced communications hardware connecting people, equipment and cloud services into one seamless system. 

Vertical Market  

Government Officials, Public Transportation Departments 


In order to keep up with competitors and the needs of passengers the bus companies are searching for reliable, easily deployable and cost-effective solutions to ensure public Wi-Fi, empower electronic payment systems, CCTV cameras and digital signage screens 

Hyperion Solution  

  • Source a highly secure and reliable industrial router 
  • Ensure it is equipped with Ethernet, Digital & Analogue I/Os, RS232, RS485, microSD, and USB 
  • Select a remote monitoring system 


The customer now has accurate location tracking services, security cameras, secure passenger hotspots with advertising and landing pages for convenient and managed browsing, digital signage screens across the vehicle for informational and advertising services and connected existing and/or new ticketing terminals to ensure card payments or collect and upload ticketing statistics to operator’s platform. 

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