Modern Recruitment Strategies


Mobility as a Benefit for Employee Recruiting 


Companies are facing unprecedented difficulties attracting talent in front-line-dependent industries. A large provider of aviation services chose Hyperion’s Mobility as a Benefit program as a modern recruitment strategy to showcase its dedication to employees and position itself as an employer of choice.  

Vertical Market  

Enterprise, SMB, Human Resources 


Customize and deploy a trailblazing employee benefits program where the customer provides cell phones to its employees and positions itself as an employer of choice. 

Hyperion Solution  

  • Mobility as a Benefit (MaaB) Program 
  • Customize MaaB for the customer’s opt-in requirements  
  • Coordinate cellular network selection with carrier  
  • Work with customer on device selection (low-cost or high-end options available) 
  • Host live events at participating locations to increase employee adoption rates 
  • Encourage client engagement 
  • Offer continued support 


The company experienced a 33% higher employee adoption rate in just the first two weeks. At live events, employees have shared, “It’s awesome the company is showing us so much love,” as well as personal success stories like, “Having a company that pays for my phone plan for the next two years is going to save me so much money. I'm a young kid, fresh out of school, and that means a lot to me." These results speak volumes to potential employees of the company who may choose the company based on its reputation as an organization that cares. 

While the company expects to see a positive impact to attrition, those results will come later. 

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