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Mobility as a Benefit for Employee Retention 


Companies are facing unprecedented challenges in their attempts to retain top-notch human resources. This is especially the case for employers that serve a significant mix of front-line, high turnover (traditionally) of roles in their organization. One of the largest QSR companies in North America — with over 80,000 employees — partnered with a carrier and Hyperion to leverage Mobility as Benefit (MaaB) as a retention strategy. 

Vertical Market 

Enterprise, Retail, HR/Benefits 


Increase employee retention and decrease the financial impact of a) the direct cost of onboarding training not resulting in tenured employees and b) the indirect cost of managing a high rate of onboarding and offboarding through testing and deploying a modern employee benefits program. 

Hyperion Solution 

  • Craft and implement an assumed-eligibility MaaB program. 
  • Choose employees across various geographies and tenure lengths to participate in a pilot MaaB program 
  • Utilize a multi-channel campaign to make employees aware of their eligibility for MaaB 
  • Manage MaaB on behalf of the company (including ordering, kitting and direct
    shipping to store locations) 
  • Make 1-800# and e-mail support available to employees and administrators 


In the first six months of MaaB deployment, day 91 attrition dropped from 50% to less than 20%. The net effect of this increase in retention was the daily hiring total dropping from 500 to 350. Based on previously estimated onboarding training costs ($1500 per employee), the MaaB pilot generated savings of $1.125M per week. Given the success of the MaaB pilot, the company has decided to deploy it to the rest of its day 31 employees across the entirety of North America, beginning in Q2 of 2022. The carrier and Hyperion will support the rest of this deployment exclusively. 

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