SMB Retail Success

Hyperion has a proven, reliable and well-thought-out process to streamline business with SMB-focused telecommunication solutions.

SMB Retail: How Hyperion streamlines business with proven SMB-focused telecom solutions. 


Hyperion has successfully served over 7,500 diverse customers. A large portion of those customers fall within the SMB retail industry. Hyperion has a proven, reliable and well-thought-out process to streamline business with SMB-focused telecommunication solutions.

Vertical Market  

SMB (Small to medium-sized businesses), Retail  


Supply SMB retail customers with a custom, complete and successful solution to streamline their business processes, support them along the way and stay within their well-defined budget.  

Hyperion Solution  

  • Optimal High-Speed Connectivity (Select routers, hotspots and/or failover) 
  • Source Devices (Handsets, tablets) 
  • Update POS (Point of Sale) Process (Menus, order fulfillment, delivery) 
  • Sensors (Temperature monitoring and more) 
  • Digital Displays 
  • UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) 


Hyperion’s made-for-business SMB retail solutions are proven successful time and time again. SMB retail customers are better able to process orders efficiently, increase their sales and communicate with employees after working with Hyperion. 

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