What are channel sales? A look into telecom channel sales.

Join Sales Director Yvonne Patterson in defining a successful channel sales strategy.  

With 25 years on the direct sales side of telecom, Hyperion Sales Director Yvonne Patterson stepped into telecom channel sales with unique experience preparing her to grow Hyperion’s channel sales strategy. By developing Hyperion’s telecom channel sales with a focus on learning the ins and outs of each channel partner’s business and selling methodology, Patterson and her team have equipped the Hyperion Partner Program to provide tailored master agent services to our subagents’ needs.  

Channel sales definition 

Simply put, channel sales are the end result of a solution-minded, purpose-built relationship between a master agent and a subagent/channel partner.  

What is a channel partner? 

Channel partners can be called a variety of names, but the most common names are channel partner, partner or subagent. While the term “channel partner” gets thrown around a lot, the easiest way to answer “What is a channel partner?” is by looking at the business relationship between a master agent and its channel partner (or, subagent).  

Master agents cannot be successful without subagents, the businesses that sell the master agents’ decided-upon wireless solutions to their respective industries. Often times, subagents have specific core competencies and connections that allow them to be successful in certain industries. To be considered a channel partner, subagents have typically bought into a master agent’s partner program and decided they see a mutually beneficial reason to stick around. Successful master agent/ channel partner relationships use each business’ strengths to fill the others’ weaknesses. The master agent can’t win without their partner, and vice versa.  

Whether subagents have been channel partners with one or multiple master agents, just started expanding their business, or have been subagents for 30+ years, each subagent can become a valued channel partner that solves critical business needs. 

How Hyperion does it better 

Members of the Hyperion Partner Program are known for going above and beyond— searching out business needs and implementing unique solutions utilizing Hyperion’s master agent advantage

In the last year, we’ve been able to further enrich our channel partner experience by providing in-depth resources and taking on the role as mobility advocates for our channel partners. Through quarterly channel partner calls, telecom sales training, training implementation support, and constant communication, we support channel partners in ways other master agents can’t.  

Channel sales model 

Our channel partners come to us in a variety of ways. Whether their channel journey starts by referral, or reputation, it typically follows these next few steps. After discussing the general benefits of channel partnership as explained throughout this article, we then explain our competitive advantage over other master agents: Our ability to make a complicated industry like telecom seem simple. With all of the rules put in place by carriers and all of the channel sales models that exist, we make mobility easy, preparing channel partners with everything they’re looking for, in one single portal.  

But we don’t stop there.  

Telecom sales training 

Once a channel partner has joined the Hyperion Partner Program, they open the door to exclusive telecom sales training. From answering questions like how to use our portal and how to find information, to practical tools like deal registration, quoting and sales proposal creation, we prepare our partners like a true partner should. 

If our channel partners would like help past telecom sales training, we will hold their hand through their first or first several opportunities. This consultative approach instills confidence in our subagents and a strong foundation for partnerships that last for years.  

Want to learn more about our channel sales strategy?   

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