Full-service telecom solution

Hyperion360°: The only full-service, lifecycle telecom solution. 

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Telecommunications is complicated. Good thing we’re experts. 175+ experts nationwide. Customer service. MDM. 3PL. Sourcing. IT. Deal desk. Marketing. Expertise = Innovation. Introducing our true mobility lifecycle solution: HYPERION360° SOURCE, FINANCE, DEPLOY, MANAGE, PROTECT and REFRESH.  

Hyperion360° SOURCE: device, accessory and solution procurement and custom device development.   

Hyperion360° FINANCE: device and solution financing. 

Hyperion360° DEPLOY: custom staging, kitting, configuration and provisioning, onsite/virtual deployment and installation and advanced cabling, wiring and access point installation.  

Hyperion360° MANAGE: expense, asset and lifecycle management, depot and reverse logistics services, end-user and HD2HD technical support and portals, platforms API and integration services. 

Hyperion360° PROTECT: device protection and advanced exchange. 

Hyperion360° REFRESH: device buyback and trade-in.  

Hyperion: Want to learn more? Visit hypperionpartners.net.  

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