Hyperion Partners now offers PIMMAP

Hyperion Partners is Now Offering PIMMAP, A Solution That Can
Deliver the First Step To COVID-19 Containment — Identification

For immediate release: June 1, 2020

Hyperion Partners, one of the leading providers of mobility solutions, is pleased to announce that PIMMAP, a new tool that can identify people who may have a fever, is among its portfolio of solutions. 

As the world returns to the workplace, identifying those who could be sick is the first step to proper COVID-19 containment. PIMMAP uses a thermal, infrared camera and facial recognition to accurately read temperatures and signs of fatigue, watery eyes and flu-like symptoms. It is a completely contactless, zero-waste tool that can be installed almost anywhere. 

Hyperion Partners CEO, Kerry McGonigal, is thrilled with this development. “I always want to over-deliver for our clients and partners so it was important to me to find the right tool to help ensure they keep their employees safe and their business going. I believe PIMMAP is that tool. And in this hard-to-plan-for time, it’s a big step in the right direction.”

Data from PIMMAP is securely transferred to cloud servers and can be backed up daily or weekly. It features an 8-inch HD IPS Screen, is compact in size and has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and LTE. The thermal camera provides instant results, even while the person being scanned is wearing a mask. 

Among the benefits of this solution is that it works safely — and anonymously — protecting the identity of the person being scanned, and the health of those in the workplace. 

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