Track employee temperatures.

The first step to containment
is identification.

Hyperion & PIM have teamed up to provide you a safe & accurate line of defense against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Track employee temperatures today.

PIMMAP measures & analyzes temperature to identify individuals who may have a fever. Track employee temperatures today.

» Thermal infrared camera and facial recognition analysis

» Non-intrusive and user-friendly

» Contactless digital thermometer

» Accurate temperatures readings of +/- .36° F

» Scans for signs of fatigue, watery eyes and other flu-like symptoms using a secure server-based solution

» Zero waste – no temperature strip, disposable plastic cap or thermometer cover

» Up to 40 scans per minute

» Scan can be captured 3′ – 5′ from device

» Easy setup and installation and can be connected using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RJ45 or LTE

Typical use cases

PIMMAP M10 / M10i

» Non-invasive & reliable

» 8” HD IPS Screen — 16.7M colors

» Compact product size: 9 x 4¾ x 1¼ in 

» Contactless digital thermometer

» Thermal infrared camera and facial recognition system

» Durable metal protective case

» Wifi, Bluetooth, RJ45, LTE

Data visualization, secure access & reliability

Track activity and gain insights in real-time to manage data across all devices

» Securely transfer data to cloud servers

» Remotely troubleshoot technical difficulties

» Push notifications and edit features

» Apply software updates

» Unique and secure IP address per device

» Custom APN

» IPSec VPN connection

» Daily & Weekly backups

LTE connectivity solutions

» Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini

» Pepwave MAX Transit Mini

Financing options available.