CAPEX and OPEX Device Financing

Join SVP of Sales Ken Crebar in
unpacking CAPEX and OPEX device financing options. 

Hyperion Senior Vice President of Sales Ken Crebar has a long history in the telecom industry. Beginning his career in the financing and banking side and working his way to business development and sales leadership, Crebar was the perfect person to step into Hyperion’s Senior Vice President of Sales role 2.5 years ago. With extensive knowledge of the financial aspect of telecom, Crebar helped the company develop its newest financing model, Hyperion360° FINANCE, to move the device lifecycle along with ease for customers and partners alike. Hyperion360° FINANCE was created to fund both CAPEX and OPEX expenses for customers within a uniquely large range of credit classes. Skip to the end of this article to learn more about Hyperion360° FINANCE.  

The difference between CAPEX and OPEX 

If you’re looking to finance a big investment for your business (for instance: new technology), but you’re more of a business owner than a financing wiz, you need to know what CAPEX and OPEX are. CAPEX, or capital expenses, are expenses a business incurs when looking to create a future benefit for their organization. OPEX, or operating expenses, are day-to-day expenses that keep the business running. Technology investments can be categorized as one of the two types of expenses with the help of a technology financing expert (Contact us if you are looking for an expert to help you!).  

After determining what type of expense your tech investment is, what’s next?  

Depending on the type of technology investment you are making and once it is determined whether this is a capital expense (CAPEX) or an operating expense (OPEX), you will receive various financing options.  

Typically, capital expenses are financed with a larger upfront loan that your business will pay back over a period of time. An example would be purchasing 1000 new iPhones for your employees with a loan and making small loan payments for X amount of months.  

Operating expenses are generally paid for upfront, but if financing is needed, many companies will help you find a way to get the solution you need! (Hyperion is one of these companies.)  

Device financing can be structured in many different ways  

Whether you want to pay in installments and own your devices/mobility products at the end of a set period of time, lease/rent devices, pay in short time periods (6-12 months) or long time periods (2-5 years), or if you want the flexibility to make large payments to pay off your investment right away – the right financing programs will supply you these options — no matter your credit class. 

How Hyperion does it better 

Hyperion360 FINANCE was created for large and small carriers and business customers ranging from SMBs to Enterprises/Fortune 500 companies. FINANCE is a flexible technology investment financing program that provides low interest rates and funding options for any customer credit classes A-D. While financing needs are most common throughout the enterprise customer base, Hyperion360° FINANCE is maliable enough to work for anyone. It is important to note that when you choose to work with Hyperion on any piece of the device lifecycle, all services we provide can be funded through Hyperion360° FINANCE to ensure peak functionality of your technology investment. We focus on both CAPEX and OPEX expenses to ensure each customer as access to updated, relevant and state-of-the-art mobility equipment. 

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